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Your journey through health has brought you here. If you are searching for a therapy that connects the health, body and emotional well being, you are here. The integrative approach is the way to go. We work in western medicine health while integrating acupuncture, cupping, herbs and alignment of mind.

Doctor of Oriental Medicine

In Oriental Medicine, the tongue is used as a diagnostic tool for health of the body. I believe the first portal of health starts in the mouth. The words we use, the foods we choose to eat, the health of our mouths, all play a role in our lifestyle. Integration of medical and dental equals WHOLE BODY HEALTH. A holistic approach to health care that is heart, mind and body connected.

Internal and external health is whole body health. Supporting internal health by systematically harmonizing the body with Oriental medicine.  Providing external health and beauty with the innovative weight loss procedure, AcuLipation, integrates the newest technology of lasers and cavitation with acupuncture and herbal medicine. There are many tools we will use to take your health to a different level.

The time is approaching, NOW, this is when you change your life. 

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